The Humble Tea bag


I  read an article in December in The Times newspaper that said gardeners have been noticing that the Tea bag was no longer disintegrating into the earth, after popping used Tea bags in the compost bin and then using that in their gardens. Small pieces of the T-bag was turning up in the soil when turning the earth. I was surprised to hear that and a little upset as my morning routine consists of making a nice cuppa before getting started on the day.

It turned out that Tea bags have up to 25% plastic in them. Our humble tea bag has been sealed with a plastic glue and therefore was not fully biodegradable. The article also mentioned that Mike Armitage of Nature Matters has launched a petition to get the main manufacturers to remove the plastic – you can sign it here.

In the past few days The Guardian has reported that the Co-op have taken notice and are now developing a 100% biodegradable Tea-bag (read article here) which is great to hear and I really do hope that the others manufacturers follow suit. So that we have a choice of tea bags to choose from.

Moral Fibres blog post about plastic in our tea-bags is an excellent resource to find out if your favourite brew includes plastic and some great suggestions of getting rid of the bag all together and going back to leaves and a strainer.

Please sign the petition and also you can email the major companies to request the removal, all contacts provided in Moral Fibres post.

Lets help our hug in a mug be truly that again.




Things you should have nailed by 40-ish.

I feel like today is a good day to post this seeing as it is my 42nd birthday, so here goes.

I have read so many articles about what we should have accomplished or have or need to have sorted by our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that I decided to put together my own list. I then thought who am I to say what you should have achieved when I am reading articles about what you should have achieved! It then came to me I know a bunch of 40 somethings, lets see what they think you should have nailed by the time you are in the big 4 – 0.


So here it is, I asked the question on Facebook to a bunch of 40 somethings and this is what they said you should have nailed by the time you are 40 and still growing….

1. Know what you are good at and love and going for it – Van Crol

2. Learn to live without out jealousy and make peace with your body- William Preen

3. Foundation Colour – Katy Heale

4. Patience and Empathy – David Smith Segarra – I am still learning this one.

5. That to be remembered and recognised is more useful than sinking into the background (yes blue hair helps). – Jessica Evershed, who has blue hair.

6. How to apply eyeliner, nail varnish – Also Jessica Evershed

7. Confidence….loving yourself….having true friendships….how you like your coffee!! – Chantal Hinkson

8. How and when to say no – Alistair Beadle

9. To wear the clothes you’re saving for ‘best’ before they either go out of fashion or you don’t fit in them anymore – Jess Evershed – she is full of good advice.

10. Letting go of people / things that don’t make you happy. Being brave enough to say ‘this is me and I don’t need you to like me-‘ just being happy and grateful for all that you have. – Diana MacGregor

11. Not giving a shit ie not sweating the small stuff – Sarah Edwards

12. Cooking eggs. Being kind to yourself. Quality over quantity (alcohol, chocolate, cheese, clothes). Fixing stuff with whatever is at hand. Knowing when good enough is good enough. -Rebecca Woodfine

13. When to stop drinking Peroni (I am going to add in Wine, Vodka, Snowballs etc…) – Ben Wright

14. Cling Film – Alan Edwards

15. Being proud to voice your achievements – Laura Johnson

16. Should have nailed accessorising. I haven’t. – Kerry Rowland

17. 1/2 marathons under 2hrs – Lisa Hughes

18. Been sacked or made redundant from a job and bounced back with positivity…- Daragh McDonogh

19. Botox – Stephanie Reade

20. Learn to always have some white wine in fridge, red at hand for emergencies. And a bottle of Champagne for special surprises. – William Preen

21.How to save for a rainy day, travel the world… or at least achieve your own travelling goals (before the Children arrive), volunteer, learn a new skill, definitely have children (if that’s what you want) because by the time you get to 40 they’ll be taking advantage of your old age ….  – Helen Worgan

22. How to get over a hangover with Kids – Claire Redden

23. How to make a good G&T – Katy Heale

24. You should have something very expensive, that you have bought yourself, not out of impulse, but because you actually deserved it. – Caroline Cotter

25. Making it to the 50’s – Darren Trip

26. A great group of friends – Me – Sam Bruce.

I definitely haven’t nailed all of these so I think I am going to re-visit this post in 2018 and see what I can do about it. I think 2018 is going to make for a fun year don’t you?


Book Shelf – Secrets of six figure women

If there is one book for me to advise any women to read its this one. #finances #money #womenandmoney #womenandfinances #sixfigurewomen

I love a good book and have recently totally immersed myself in female writers of self help, finance and blogging.

If there is one book for me to advise any women to read (I am not a six figure women, yet!) it’s this one: Secrets of Six Figure Women. It is all about getting to grips with your finances and not being afraid to ask for more money and thinking about investing your money wisely. Buy it, you will be grateful you did.

Quotes to live by if you are 40 something

40 something quotes

I asked my 40 something friends on Facebook what they think you should have or have nailed by the time you are 40 for a blog post I am writing. I thought I would share them with you here and the blog post will follow.

8 of the best blogs, books & sites to help you with your blog.

I have been a fan of blogs for a long time, I have started a few and stopped writing a few. This time when I started a blog I wanted to continue. I really want to stick at it and keep it going, so I have been looking for inspiration, help and guidance to see what makes a good blog and to keep blogging.

I have came across a wealth of people inspiring bloggers in different ways and to help you with your blog, from getting it started to keeping it going. Here are my top 8 helpful books etc that have inspired me, helped me plan and now, commit to blogging.

1.Million Dollar BlogBook by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This book is a really good place to start, Natasha informs you all about blogging with great interviews with seasoned bloggers from all different types of businesses. Some great tips on how to make money from of your blog too.

2. Girl CodeBook by Cara Alwill Leyba

This isn’t so much about blogging but sticking at things, business, life, etc. A really great read for women wanting to start a business or take control of their own destiny and keeping at it. And not to forget the power of women.

3.Career Girl DailyWebsite and book – Ultimate Blog Plan

I came across CGD via Blog Lovin and loved some of their posts,  I then registered for their newsletter. I have attended the Career girl masterclass which was a brilliant way to spend a Sunday and not only spend time with a room full of dedicated women, but also listen to them too. CGD’s Ultimate Blog plan really makes you think about all areas of your blog or business and set it out on paper.

4. She Means BusinessAudio Book by Carrie Green

I have read Carrie’s book and listened to the Audio book and although they may both be the same thing to you, listening to Carrie’s bubbly personality really made me want to get out there and do the things she suggests.  I have already started my “Dreams” Jar.

5. 365 Blog Post IdeasBook by Dana Fox

A book full of 365 ideas of what to blog about, whats not to love. #Noexcuses

6. Capture your styleBook by Aimee Song

A beautiful book and so is Aimee Song, not so much about blogging itself but a really great book about your style and branding for social media, and building a strong personal brand with authenticity and photography.

7. Interior Blog AwardsWebsite

This is a really inspiring website, lots of people already blogging about Interiors and winning awards for it. Register for their newsletter and get other tips and tricks on Blogging and sticking at it. This site isn’t only for bloggers interested in Interiors but obviously heavily biased.

8. NoBS BloggingWebsite

I love people who tell it as it is and Rahul does exactly that here. If you can handle the truth Rahaul gives some great tips about blogging with no BS.